How do I create a new shipping method?
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Tuesday, September 22, 2015
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If you are selling something online that requires shipping, you will want to create shipping methods in the ecommerce control panel.

To add a shipping method mouse over payment and click on shipping.

Then click new shipping method. Here you can enter the name of your shipping method, such as USPS or free pick up in studio. The shipping method is visible at checkout for your customer. If you have multiple shipping methods, your customer will be required to choose one. 

The description is optional, but can be used to enter more information to display to your client about the shipping method. For example, you can set expectations about the timeline for their items to arrive. 

Price allows you to set the amount to charge for the shipping method. There are 2 different options for setting your shipping price.

  • Flat shipping. Set a flat dollar amount, everyone will be charged the same amount.
  • Percentage shipping. Charge a percentage of the order total along with a minimum to make sure you cover your shipping costs. 

In individual products you also have the ability to set additional shipping charges, and therefore from the shipping methods area, you also have the option to exclude additional shipping charges by choosing yes or no.

You can set up multiple shipping methods if you wish to allow your customer to choose how they will revieve their shipment (e.g., mail, pick up in studio.)

After you choose all the settings, click add shipping option.

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