How Do I Moderate Comments On The Blog?
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Thursday, August 27, 2015
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Comments allow viewers of your blog to engage in the conversation you spark with your blog posts. Sometimes, viewers can leave unwanted comments or a spam bot may discover your blog and spam your comments. Because of this, we allow comment moderation on your blog. If comment moderation is enabled, you will be required to approve a comment before it appears on your blog on the front end.

To enable or disable comment moderation on your blog, you will need to access the settings section for your blog control panel then click on the comments tab.

In this section, you will be able to turn comments on or off as well as turn moderation on or off. If comment moderation is set to Yes, we recommend also setting comment email notification to Yes. When you've completed these settings, make sure to click save changes to update your settings.

When you get a comment and you'd like to approve it, return to the Blog icon and click on the Comments tab. Here, all your comments will display.

Click on the name of the post to the left of the "Pending" comment you'd like to approve and all the information regarding the comment will appear. Click on approve comment and the comment will appear on your Blog on the front end.

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